Sunday, August 16, 2009

Alphabet Fishing

Last week, in my favorite links of the week post, I wrote about ABC fishing from the IzzieMacandMe blog.  Start by cutting out 26 fish…yes that is right 26.  If you google  “Alphabet Fish Template” you should be able to find fish with the letters already on them. So this will save you time.  Then, you are going to want something metal to attach to the fish.  I was out of paperclips so I just stapled each fish.  Then lay them upside down onto a blue towel. 


Other blogs mention making a rod out of a wooden spoon, yarn, and a magnet.  We, however, already had a magnet fishing pole.  This is her bathtub magnet fishing pole but it worked wonderful for this activity. 


Your little one will fish up a letter and then have to say the letter to keep the fish.  If they get the letter wrong, they have to throw it back. 

We LOVED this activity.




Lauranie said...

What a GREAT idea!! I love it!!