Saturday, November 7, 2009

Have you Tickled Tut’s Toes or Caught Picasso’s Rooster?

Recently, I found two wonderful books that I am in love with.  They are both part of “Touch the Art” series by Julie Appel and Amy Guglielmo. 


The first, “Catch Picasso’s Rooster” features pictures of animals from the World’s Greatest Artists.  Some of the paintings included are The Rooster by Picasso, The Tabby by Rousseau, and Two Rats by Vincent van Gogh.

arttouch 004

I am a huge fan of young children being exposed to great artists.  Exposure to art fosters imagination, creativity, and appreciation for beauty.  I believe imagination is one of the greatest gifts any person can be granted.  Thus, when I find books that expose children to masters of art, I get a wee bit excited. 

arttouch 005

Now, having art books for children is a great idea…but children need a way to jump into the painting.  This book features touchable art such as stroking fur, tickling whiskers, or blowing feathers.  There is also a scratch and sniff page (so very cool to me)!

arttouch 006

When I asked my 3 year old to give her thoughts about Catch Picasso’s Rooster  she said, “Yes, this is a good book.  It is fun and funny.”  Indeed, she giggled throughout the book. 

arttouch 007

At the end of the book there is a section entitled Artifacts that give facts about the paintings and artists.  I have learned so much from these pages.  It’s great to have a children’s book that both preschoolers and their parents can learn from. 


Tickle Tut’s Toes is about historical art from Ancient Egypt such as wall paintings from tombs, mummy coffins, pyramids, and more.  Like the book reviewed above all of the art is touchable such as Nefertiti’s jewels, the gauze on a mummy, and ridged cardboard on a pyramid.  I don’t think Ancient Art could possibly have been introduced to preschoolers in a better way.  This book also has the artifacts section where parents and children can learn about the art featured in the book.  For example, did you know Tilapia were the symbol of rebirth, that Egyptians placed model boats inside coffins to carry the soul to the afterlife, or that crocodiles used to be mummified because they were considered holy? I didn’t but a book for preschoolers taught me. Yeah!

tickle-tuts-toes arttouch 036 arttouch 037 arttouch 038

Both of these books are wonderfully sturdy board books that can easily handle rough care by a preschooler or even a few chews by a puppy, as we recently found out. 

The recommended age is 4-6, but my three year old loves them.  Most board books are too babyish for my daughter now, but I miss the sturdiness they brought.  I believe she would have enjoyed these books from at least age 2 (if not earlier) and will still be enjoying them for a few years to come. 

The books are sold in many stores or you can buy them online at