Thursday, October 16, 2008

Theme of the Week: Black and White Animals

This weeks theme inspired by Tinytots is black and white animals. Animals we used included the zebra, panda bear, penguin, and whale. I can't believe we forgot about a cow! It was a lot of fun but was also successful as a learning tool. Zhana has had a ride on zebra for a long time but has never said "Zebra" to refer to it-just horse. After this theme, she says Zebra! Also she started by coloring zebras in circles but at the end started using straight lines.

Zebra magnet
Start by searching the web for an image or a horse or zebra. Next cut out the zebra and have some fun with painting. First, we used the edge of a sponge, next some cooking screwers, and finally good old fingerpainting. Super fun!

Next, I let Zhana play with some Tempura paint in the bathtub. It isn't really going along with the theme of black and white animals but it does use the concepts of the colors black and white. I discovered a wonderful trick to convince my 2 year old to help clean the tub up after painting. I added shampoo to the paint already in the backtub and showed her how fun it would be to paint the tub. It worked and she had a blast painting (cleaning) the tub. Maybe this could sort of fall under Montessori practical life?

Toilet paper roll Zebra
There are a few different methods for toilet paper roll zebras online but the easiest in my opinion is the DLTK method:; This one just requires gluing on a template. So much easier!
Playdoh zebra
I don't have a pic of our zebra but we blended white and black playdoh together and then shaped it.

Panda toilet paper roll also at Just color in and glue on. (I didn't have any more empty toilet paper rolls so I just used an empty soda can.
We already had our Circle Panda game and brought it out again for this weeks theme. See shapes post for instructions.

Panda lacing card can be found at . I didn't have any yarn, so I just used a pipecleaner.
Unfortunately, this project was not a hit for Zhana and she did not pay any attention to it UNTIL I just used the top two holes as a hanger. Now, she's been carrying around her panda pal all day.This link is for a printable feed the panda game. I thought Zhana was too young for this but would be SOOO cute for older kids. We did print the panda cards in this game though to play a variation on hide the mouse. For this, I put a printed piece of bamboo under a panda and Zhana had to guess what color it was under. Tune of: "Happy and You Know It (If You're Happy)"
If you're a giant panda and you know it, eat bamboo.If you're a giant panda and you know it, eat bamboo.If you're a giant panda and you know it, then your face will surely show it. If you're a giant panda and you know it eat bamboo.

· Footprint Penguin: You need white paper, construction paper, paint, and googly eyes. Dip the child’s foot in black paint and put it on white paper. Next add and orange beak and small white circle for a belly.

We found this pom pom whale kit at Michaels for $1 so we thought we'd give it a whirl. It was a little complicated for a 2 year old but together we managed. I think it is something you could easily make at home if you can't find the kit.


teachingtinytots said...

what a great day! love the feed the panda game!:)

Annie said...

You have a lot of great ideas!

Professional Mommy said...

Thanks you guys. I always look forward to our Thursdays and love that Teachingtinytots brought themes to our week!