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Fancy Friday:**4F Design**

For Cutting Edge Mom and Kiddos
Today's Fancy Friday reviews a really cool company called 4F Design. This company offers very original clothing for both children an adults. Their premise is the offer of alternatives to traditional pastel clothing for children. Their clothing is "designed with a sense of playfulness that provides comfort instead of conformity".
Another huge positive for this company is their commitment to using eco friendly material and fair trade practices.
I really like that the 4F Design has limited run T-shirts because I think that makes them all the more special to own. The company screen prints by hand all of their designs.
First up for review is this very cool fuschia dress with a giraffe angel? on the front. I wasn't sure what to call it and my mother suggested that it is a giraffe angel. That is one of the things about this company-it just makes you smile. Today, Zhana wore the dress out in public and it was fun watching people try to figure out just what exactly the picture on her dress is. The funny thing isthat this dress is so my little Zhana. My little girl is a very spunky character and it there is something about the character of the dress that just really fits the vibe of my girl. The dress is made of 100% cotton is unbelievably soft with a great drop waist. It comes in sizes 2, 4, and 6 years. This dress is super cute with some leggings. When my mother saw Zhana in this dress her response was, "Oh that dress is so perfect for her. It is just so her!" Here are a few of my other favorite designs:

Black Frogs on Yellow Bib $15

100% cotton, super soft; 2 ply double sided with Velcro on neck 14" x 9 1/2". Machine wash in cold water, machine dry. Sizes: One Size Fits All

Copper Chandelier on Black Baby Gown $30Long Sleeve, 100% cotton, super soft, elastic at bottom. Machine wash in cold water, machine dry. Sizes: 3 month, 6 month

Silver Bird On Fuchsia
$20.00Short Sleeve, 100% cotton, super soft. Machine was in cold water, machine dry. Sizes: 2 years, 4 years, 6 years

Silver Snake on Black Tee $18

100 percent cotton, super soft; Machine wash in cold water, machine dry Sizes: 3-6 month, 6-12 month, 12-18 month, 2 years, 4 years, 6 year
This is such a cool tee for your little rocker.
Overall, I like that the designs are unique, the colors are unique, they are easy to care for, super soft, made really well, and most importantly they make me smile!

The owner of the company was nice enough to answer a few questions so that we might know more about her and the fabulous product she offers:

Q: Can you start by telling the readers a little bit about yourself?
I an artist and have worked around the arts most of my life, some of it working with kid's art programs. The creative energy that kids have is always inspirational to me, creating that is very free.I have always made things worked with my hands and I find more and more that is what keeps me grounded and in touch with my surroundings.

Q: What were you doing before deciding to start your own business?
Just before creating 4F Design with my husband, Alan Lerner, I had been working as the Director of Lillstreet Art Center in Chicago. My job included everything from gallery exhibitions to supervising the arts programs and classes for both adults and kids.

Q: How long have you been in business?
I have been in this business just about two years.

Q:Tell me a little about what led you to start a business selling your items?
After working with ceramics since 1973 both my husband and I wanted to form a business that incorporated our more recent art work, mine in textiles and Alan's in printmaking. We found a perfect combination in printed clothing

Where do you draw inspiration for your creations, products, or services?
Our inspiration comes from a feeling of play and fantasy, of creating images that differ from what we found to be available in so many kids departments. Our friends were having children and were looking for clothing that was bold and unique. We set about to create a line of clothing that was an alternative to the baby blues and light pinks. We use garments that are 100% cotton and inks that are water based, to make our clothing safe and sound.

Q: What are your best sellers?
It is hard to say, I have found that we sell some of all our designs, not really one over another.

Q: What are your favorite designs?
My favorite design in the Red Swan (or dragon as most kids see it) on the Lime Green clothes.

Q: What are your plans for the future?
We want to slowly build our business, right now we do all the work in our studio from the design to the printing. I would like to be able to hire other artists as the business grows and give them health insurance and jobs. Our designs are made in limited edition at this point and I think we would keep that as we grow, it is great to constantly create new designs.

Q: If you could give a one line phrase to describe your business whatwould it be?
To create clothing for kids that offers an alternative to the baby blues and pinks, clothes that celebrate the unique and wonderful.

Q:What makes your business unique?
Our business is unique because of the designs we use and the hands on approach we take to every step.

Q: Where all are your items sold? Website? Ebay? Etsy? Blog?
On our website, on etsy, from our studio in Chicago and a limited number of kids shops.

Q: Anything else you would want a potential customer to know?
We stand behind our products using the best garments we can find and making our clothing easy to care for and fun to wear. We are always open to ideas and feedback from our customers.

Like what you see here? 4F Design has been gracious enough to sponsor a giveaway for the Silver Snake Black Tee you see pictured above. The size of the shirt is 18 months.

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mrs.mommyy said...

Long-Sleeved Onesie - Fuchsia with Silver Winged Rabbit IS ADORABLE- love the patterns- different and variety

strawberry3d said...

my favorite 4f design is the black with copper winged giraffe.

mverno said...

i like the Long-Sleeved Onesie - Fuchsia with Silver Winged Rabbit for my grandson

reb said...

I love the Long-Sleeved Onesie - Red with Black Top Hat Frogs.

rebbi511 at

Karen said...

Love all of the products.

ktgonyea at

Steph said...

My favorite was the Black with Copper Winged Giraffe.

kdkdkd said...

I love the Black Frogs On Yellow Bib, but they are all cool designs

vboackle said...

the Black with Copper Winged Giraffe.

mogrill said...

Love the Black shirt with the Copper Winged Giraffe. Friggen adorable!


I like the snake on the black T.

kygirl said...

Fuchsia with Silver Winged Rabbit

Heather said...

I just love the Toddler Long-Sleeved Dress: Golden Swan on Brown!

Molly C. said...

I actually really like the giveaway prize- the snake shirt.

Kari said...

I love the black and yellow frog bib!

Jodi said...

I love the giveaway design, and also really like the cooper giraffe.


RE said...

I'd have to say the fuscia silver winged rabbit, as my little one loves "munnies". Thanks for the great giveaway!

rosannepm said...

The onside with red and black and frogs on it

fancyfeet48 said...

I love the Long-Sleeved Onesie - Red with Black Top Hat Frogs.

Jinxy and Me said...

I love the Long-Sleeved - Black with Copper Winged Giraffe.

Stacy said...

My favorite is the Long-Sleeved Onesie - Fuchsia with Silver Winged Rabbit.


yellowlabs said...

I love the Long-Sleeved Onesie - Soft Lime with Red Swan

Suzie G. said...

I like the long black sleeve shirt with the copper winged giraffe. Very unique clothing here!

bison61 said...

I like the Black Giraffe on Turquoise Tee

tiramisu392 (at)

Anonymous said...

I like the red bunny on white onesie! They're all really interesting and unique.

artmarcia said...

I especially like the Long-Sleeved - Black with Copper Winged Giraffe.

arvard said...

I like the Black Giraffe on Turquoise Tee.

1971eeyore said...

I live the red shirt w/black jumping frogs many of my sons clothes are what every other little boy has...not that thats bad it just seems cool to have a edgy t shirt once in a while.

Anonymous said...

I really like the soft lime with red swan onesie. it's so unique and that's the kind of thing i want for my baby.

memetu said...

Silver Snake on the Black T is something the family will love seeing on our 2 year old and 5 year old. We like snakes.

hammielover1 said...

The Black with Copper Winged Giraffe is adorable!

Gianna said...

I love the Long-Sleeved - White with Red Winged Rabbit :)

Professional Mommy said...

kari is the winner and has been notifed. Congrats!

Kari said...

Hi! Im the winner but I dont have your email, I tried to contact you thru my blog but no luck! You can reach me at and I will send you my address, thank you!!!