Tuesday, April 21, 2009

SuperFunMama Living the Dream-LTDCHIX clothing review

shopping200x200 I love being a mommy. Love it to pieces and believe it is the most rewarding experience one can have.  However, let’s be honest…it certainly isn’t all glamorous.  I think back to my pre-child days and remember fondly having to clean the house only once a week except for maybe a quick pick up that lasted about 10 minutes a day.  Now, I have the experience that mothers worldwide can relate to of never getting everything done.  Two moms realized this as well and created a humorous line of clothing named LTDchix.  My favorite type of comedy is humor directed at everyday experiences most people go through. 

cleaningmom200x200 Their “living the dream” clothing sums up the experience of never ending work in a humorous way.  I have the light blue, short sleeved laundry mom shirt.  The shirt has a picture of a mom with a pile of laundry with the saying, “Living the Dream”.  This is the perfect shirt for me because my life seems to revolve around laundry.  Even though we are only a family of three, I average around 2 loads of laundry per day. Even at this very moment, I have a heap of clothing waited to be folded, another pile ready to be put away, a load in the wash, and a load in the dryer!  Of all the chores involved in keeping a household running, laundry is the chore I despise.  Still, despite all the chaos in being a mom, I still cherish the experience and all that comes with it. 

cooking200x200_01 The picture shown below is my fourth time wearing this tee and it still looks great.  I really like the fit of the shirts, in that they aren’t too tight or too loose.  I am a plus sized woman and have difficulty finding flattering tee shirts.  Either they are too small or too large but this one fit just right.  It is 100% cotton, so is quite comfortable.  I give them a pat on the back for having plus sized clothing because not all companies feature larger sizes even though the average size for women in the United States is a 14. 

Picture 310


I think these shirts would make a wonderful gift for mother’s day for sisters, friends, secret sister at church, or other women in your life with children.  This shirt is a wonderful conversation starter when you go out in public.  The four times I’ve worn this shirt, women have come up to me chuckling about the shirt and relating their own experience of motherhood. 

sick200x200 LTDchix offers fitted tees, loose fitting tees, long sleeved tees, and thermals.  Their sizes go from small to 2XL.  They have very reasonable prices for their shirts, with a loose fitting tee like mine for $15.00.  If interested in reading more about their clothing click here.