Tuesday, June 23, 2009

What is Bothering Carl?

Story Fort Logo

Have you guys heard about Story Fort? If you haven’t, you’ve got to go check them out! Story Fort is a website with interactive books for kids.  I have the book, “What is Bothering Carl?” and love it!

What is Bothering Carl? is the tale of a young cyclops named Carl whose laid back attitude is disrupted by a single nuisance. Readers will discover Carl’s dilemma and follow along as he tries to solve his problem in this colorful interactive adventure. I think the characters are so cute! You can easily adore this digital book and can’t imagine any child not enjoying this story. 

  If you click on the objects in the book they come to life with sounds, animations, and more.  The book comes with a fun memory game too.  My favorite part are the songs.  I actually enjoy the music. Click below for an example of a song. 

So to summarize…

The book includes:

  • 19 illustrated scenes that come to life with the simple click of a mouse

  • Full (optional)
    audio narration by the author

  • Highlighted phrases to help your child read along

  • Illustrated keywords to build vocabulary

  • Two original songs with animated music videos

  • Bonus memory game with 3 difficulty levels

Right now, because of the situation of the economy, they have the books on sale for $9.99. 

The owner of this company used to be a leading designer for Melissa and Doug and we all know how great that company is!

So go on over to StoryFort today by clicking here. You can download the book and have it immediately. 

Page 3 Screen Shot