Thursday, July 2, 2009

Otto Grows Down

ogdms Otto Grows Down is an adorable book written by Michael Sussman, that all children will enjoy.  I believe it could be especially beneficial for children hesitant about welcoming a younger sibling into their lives.

The book is about a little boy who goes back in time, all the way to the days he was an infant, after making a birthday wish that his baby sister had never been born.  It is so much fun to read and anticipate what will happen as time unwinds.  My daughter’s favorite part is when he brings the trash in on trash day, finds going to the bathroom “downright disgusting”, and takes baths that make you dirty.    The illustrations by Scott Magoon make it even more enjoyable.  The book would also be a good idea when teaching palindromes as all the names used in the book are the same forward and backward-Otto, Anna, Bob, Mom, and Dad. 

IMG_2542 I have a fondness for the author, because he is trained in psychology, such as myself.  While my daughter enjoys it, I also anticipate using it when working with children having difficulty with a new sibling.  Actually, it is great to teach all children to be careful with their wishes. So often, books that are useful for working with children in therapy are serious and melancholy.  Fortunately, this book has a lot of humor and is upbeat! In our professional circle, there are certain books that all psychotherapists have, such as Freddie the Leaf.  I can see Otto Grows Down joining a special place on psychotherapists’ book shelf for years to come.  Certainly, you don’t have to be a therapist or have a little one struggling with sibling arrival issues to appreciate and wholeheartedly enjoy this book, however. 

You can purchase Otto Grows Down at for $11.66 or through several online book retailers such as Amazon and Barnes an Noble.

You can also learn more about Otto Grows Down HERE!