Monday, November 9, 2009

Plan for This Week

*Much of plan based on



  • Make a “G” poster. Paint with green, grey, or gold. Glue on items that start with G.
  • Bible Story: 12 Spies in Canaan-Numbers 13-14: Comprehension Questions:
    Why were Caleb and Joshua not scared to go back to the Promised Land?
    Why were the other spies so scared to go back?
    What things frighten you?
    What can you do when you get frightened? (sing song, say memory verse, pray)
  • Bible Song:  God Loves Kids 
    Tune: “Three Blind Mice”
    God loves kids (repeat 4x)
    He loves me more than I can know (cross arms over chest, point to self, point to head)
    I don’t know why He loves me so (shake head and shrug)
    I guess I’ll never, ever know (cross hands in front)
    Why God loves kids. (point up for God, cross arms over chest, point to self)
  • Handprint tree and then glue on real leaves
  • Waldorf Martinmass stuff at


  • Make a number 5 poster-Number:  5
    Put on a hat. Then take a dive. Make a big round tummy. Now that’s a five!
  • Fine Motor Skill:Hide little beads in a large piece of Play Dohclip_image001 or putty.  Using their index finger, have your child find the beads.  Using their thumb is "cheating" and not working the weaker muscles.
  • Character education poster-Thankful
  • Indian dolls at

·Friday song

  • Tune:  Farmer in the Dell
    G says /g/
    G says /g/
    God gave them great big grapes
    G says /g/
  • Put letters of name in order with extra letters added
  • Make Leaf people
  • Laura Numeroff activities
  • Set up Autumn nature table



Bran said...

Sorry I'm just now getting back to you on the thankful tree. I made my tree with packing paper, but I made another for my work out of paper bags from the grocery store and they worked just as well. I cut the bags, crumbled the paper, rolled it into long strips, and taped it.